One Ken Thomas is a small firm which provides Drupal Development Services,   along with consulting in online presence,  communications and business processes.

The vast majority of our work is nuts & bolts coding in the Drupal Content Framework-- getting things done when others can't.  If you are a site developer or staff using Drupal and have something you can't get done or which pushes the bounds of what Drupal can do,  you've come to the right place to find expert help with Drupal.

We can also create custom modules,  functionalities and systems which integrate with Drupal "the Right Way."  In particular,  we've worked on custom mapping solutions,   search widgets and solutions,  complex visual displays using HTML5 and canvas features,  and many other features.

As well,  we can take on web projects small to large,   assembling the right team to complete your project.  Drop us a line or browse our site for a little more info.

Finally,  One Ken Thomas currently takes mentorship of a small number of entrepreneurial projects per year,  at reduced rates plus a portion of equity in the venture.