Hello There! Let's talk about project needs, communications, and simplicity.

Hello.  Welcome to our lecture hall.   If you're not looking for a lecture,   this may not be where you want to be.

But shall we proceed?

This a very simple website.  It took all of under two hours to complete.   There's not much to it.  It's not particularly impressive at all,  except for the fact that it's made in Drupal,  which is the right choice.

At this point,  I don't market this business on the internet via this website-- at all.   We haven't had a single contract,  come from the website.  We have more work than we can keep up with,  from other sources.  

Do we need more than this website?  I don't think so.  We mostly put some very basic info here,  so that people we meet can learn a bit more.  We think our record speaks for itself,  and flash and glitz and a snazzy website,  won't change what we can do.

If you're a business owner,  like myself,  you have to make a similar decision.  What do you need?   Will there be return on the investment?

I could also have apologized, and mentioned that this site is "under construction,"  which it is.  And if you ask,  I could tell you about the needs of our clients' projects-- or all the things we might do with this website. 

Do you care?  I don't know,  so I won't go further unless you ask.

Instead,  let me stop and try to give you some actually useful advice.  Communications are about simplicity.  They are about delivering a clear message,  quickly and directly.  They're about matching the message to the moment and the opportunity.

To learn more,  don't read us.  Go read the "What is Communications?"  and "Why is it Important to Communicate Well?" in Scott McLean's Business Communication for Success

In addition to being a clear explanation of business communications and why good communications matter,  McLean's book is available online. 

You can show it easily to any colleague,  or to your staff.  You can also purchase it in various formats,  or choose to combine parts of it into your business' own communications curriculum.

When I talk about the simplicity of this website,  I'm talking about a decision every businessperson should recognize.

How do you deploy your resouces -- especially your most important resouces,  your time?

You should be busy making your product and making money.  Do you need a website that represents you,  with a lot of bells and whistles?

Here at 1KT,  we have a long list of projects we're working on-- they never seem to end! -- so why spend time making this look better?

Why indeed?

But let's talk about what this website does. 

It provides you with very basic,  no-frills sense of our identity,  the skyline of one of my favorite cities and one of our points of geographical presence.

It is also tells you a bit about who we are and what we do  (note that the bold and underline help people find the critical information).

These are the basics.  And sometimes covering the basics,  is enough.

We can do a lot more.  We can also provide Drupal-based Web Development and other IT consulting services,  including online presence,  identity,  brand-building and strategy services.   If you take a glance at our projects list,  you can see that we've completed projects whose size and scope,   are in the thosands of man-hours instead of the two hours spent on this site.

If you need a small or large website or web application,  we can do that.  We can also provide you with consulting services to better understand your needs,  and the support to achieve them,  whether that be hand-on,  training,   assemblying a team of consultants from the Drupal community,  or referring you to others who can do the job better than we can.  

If you have an existing website,  we can evaluate it's technology-- or its message and effectiveness.   We can come to your location,  analyze your business communications processes,  and do anything from providing you with written recommendations,   to rebuilding your site,  to enacting a business communications improvement program for you.

But mostly we help make very specific web widgets for people who need very specialized web widgets.  That's our specialty-- small pieces of computer code which help people do what they need to do.

And as a web widget producer,  we don't think we need to state much more.   Or to invest much more in a snazzy website.

What do you think?  Feel free to comment.  We believe in examining questions,  reasonable discussion,   and looking for best-of-breed solutions. 

Because we think that good communications also startts with beginning a conversation and learning how the other party reacts to your message.

But we also believe that there must be a business case for every expenditure,  and in keeping it simple,  clear and to the point.   We did not write "the award-winning Drupal CMS" above,  because it's a little superficial to say Drupal is award-winning,  and that 'CMS' is obcure jargon.

And we know we'd do well,  to come back and link to quick explanations,  of what Drupal,  the awards it's won (and why!),  and a "Content Management Framework" is,  in case the reader doesn't know.  That would be clearer,  and better.

But we've taken enough of your time,  don't you think?

One Ken Thomas' main points of presence are Nashville (TN-US),  Brussels (Belgium),  Mexico City,  and Prague (Czech Republic),  with branch presences in New York City,  San Francisco,  and Tel Aviv.  We can communicate in English,  French,  German,  and Spanish;  to a lesser extent,  in Dutch,  Flemish,  Italian,  and Czech;   if desired,  we will make our best effort to communicate directly with clients in any Romance,  Slavic or Germanic language if that is their preference.

Thanks for your time.


Kenneth Thomas
 (M.A.,  C.Phil*,   U.C.  Berkeley)
Founder & Chief

(Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] !)

* in Progress